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Donnafaye Carroll Finger and Diane Haelsig co-founded the Puget Sound Chapter in the winter of 1979. An article in Computer World about a new association for women in computing hit a responsive chord and they both contacted the organization about becoming members. They were soon discussing the formation of a Puget Sound Chapter, which would focus its programs on technical and non-computing issues, that were of interest and concern to professional women.


Donnafaye and Diane were extremely proud of their efforts to start the Puget Sound chapter. Through their leadership and the support and work of many that attended that first meeting, an organization has continued that provides unique support and growth opportunities to women in the computing professions. The initial focus, a network of women helping each other grow professionally and personally, has remained as the organization has grown and prospered.


The scholarship award is offered in memory of her work to help women further their education in computing.

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