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Contributing to an organization is great way to network, learn new jobskills and help create opportunities to promote women in computing. AWC has various volunteer positions. Each of the positions listed below requires a different level of time commitment and knowledge. Please consider volunteering for one or more.

What new job skills can you put in your next performance review? Or even your resume? All of these opportunities can teach you skills you can transfer to your current employer. . . or your next employer.

Interested? Click on the links below to send an email regarding the position you are interested in.

: Ensures the financial solvency of the Puget Sound Chapter, maintains the relationships with the necessary financial institutions and reports on the financial status of the organization monthly.

Job skills: planning and organization, 3rd party vendor/supplier management, communication skills.

The is a great way to become involved. The commitment for a board member is the entire membership year (July - June). We have positions for many skill sets. Recruitment for the board begins in March. Contact us for details!


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